Stucco & EIFS Services

Make sure your next stucco project stands out for all the right reasons, and use a local company you can trust. We not only apply stucco in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns. We will also repair and protect your current stucco. 

Residential Stucco Contractor

If you are looking for a trustworthy stucco contractor in the southern Utah area, that has years of experience. We are here for all of your stucco and EIFS needs.

Eco Exteriors is a licensed and insured full-service contractor that can transform your house in no time at all.

Services We Offer

  • Residential Stucco
  • Commercial Stucco
  • New Stucco Construction
  • Remodel Stucco
  • Stucco Repair
  • EIFS repair
  • Acrylic Stucco Finish
  • Foam Pop Outs
  • And more

Let’s Talk About Your Stucco Services Needs

    Eco Exteriors Stucco & EIFS Services

    Residential Stucco & EIFS Services

    Residential Stucco & EIFS Services

    Commercial Stucco & EIFS Services

    Commercial Stucco & EIFS Services

    Government Stucco & EIFS Services

    Government Stucco & EIFS Services

    Exterior Stucco & EIFS Services

    Exterior Stucco & EIFS Services

    Stucco & EIFS Construction

    Stucco & EIFS Construction

    Stucco Repairs

    Stucco Repairs

    Stucco Brick Walls

    Stucco Brick Walls

    Eco Exteriors Utah Retail Services

    Scaffolding Retail's

    Scaffolding Retail’s

    Debris & Trash Chute

    Debris & Trash Chute

    Stair Tower Rental Scaffold

    Scaffold Stair Tower

    Eco Exteriors Utah Services Area’s

    Eco Exteriors Services St George Utah

    St. George, Utah

    Eco Exteriors Services Santa Clara Utah

    Santa Clara, Utah

    Eco Exteriors Services Washington Utah

    Washington, Utah

    Eco Exteriors Services Cedar City Utah

    Cedar City, Utah

    We Have What It Takes To Get Your Job Done


    We have an excellent in-house teams who specialize in commercial stucco. From start to finish we have the manpower to get the job done on time.


    Often time government jobs require a contractor to have a tight deadline along with the proper insurance. On top of that, the technical expertise needed is something we understand.


    When picking a company for a residential job, you want to make sure they can get the job done and can back it up for the life of the wall. We can!

    Job Safety is a High Priority

    Not only do we work in the community of Saint George Utah, but we are also members of the community. That means the safety of our employees is priority number one.

    Stucco Repair

    We suggest having your walls looked at once a year if you are not able to do it yourself. This will catch costly problems before they get too large. 

    •  Hail or wind damage?
    • Have construction defects?
    • Small cracks starting to grow?

    We can help assess and repair your stucco before the small problem becomes a large problem. 

    Eco Exteriors Services Area

    We, not only service Saint George Ut, and the surrounding area but we also cover all of Utah with their stucco and EIFS needs.