If you need plaster in Saint George, Utah, Eco Exteriors has you covered. We are southern Uthas leading experts in stucco, Fiber Cement Siding, Metal Fascia, and EIFS. 

Saint George Utah Stucco Experts

One of the main questions we see asked over and over is “Do I really need to hire a professional?”. While the answer is absolutely yes, you should always hire a professional stucco company. There are more reasons than you might be aware of. We would like to take this chance to go over a few reasons as to why you need a professional stucco company in Saint George, Utah. 

Stucco technician and experience in Saint George, Utah

Being able to do something and being able to do it well are two different things. Some people think that applying stucco is just like throwing cement on a wall, and it does not take any real skils to learn. This could not be farther from the truth. 

When we install the Lath onto a project, we are focusing on more than adding wire to the outside of your home or office. We need to make sure the undercoat of paper (flashing) is installed in the correct way as to act as a water-resistive barrier. If this is not done right, you will end up with mold on the inside of your walls. 

There are name other reasons that have to do with how the stucco is prepped, installed, and cured. Those are all valid reasons to hire a professional stucco company. But on a personal level, there is a much greater reason.

Eco Exteriors Saint George Stucco Contractor

You want a licensed and insured contractor and nothing less working on your stucco. Being a licensed stucco contractor shows we are legally able to work in Utah. This means a lot and one of the main things it means is that we will never cut corners on a project. Operating a company of this size, it is a must to be licensed. We would never risk that, and you have to ask, is that something that can be said for companies without a license.

Being an insured contractor is not only to protect us, but it also protects you and your family. If something goes wrong on the job and a person or property gets damaged, Eco Exteriors is insured to make sure everything is covered. Well, it is rare for damage to occur on a project. Accidents do happen, and sometimes those accidents can cost a good deal to fix. 

Let’s take a basic example. Let’s say the breaks fail on a work truck and that truck rolls into your grudge door and hits your sidewall. This can cost up to $5000 or more to fix. When you work with Eco Exteriors, the price does not matter. As we are insured and will have it taken care of right away.

Why Choose Eco Exteriors for your Saint George, Utah Stucco Needs

We specialize and understand professional stucco applications. As one of the leading stucco contractors in Utha, and a trusted stucco company by many local homeowners, homebuilders, and contractors. We have the work history to back up our work. However, we do not require you to take our word for it or even the words of others.  

In all contacts, our work comes with a warranty and guarantee. So not only do you have our word that is something goes wrong we will fix it, but you are also protected by law that all of our work will be done to the top standards.

Top Rated Saint George Stucco Contractor Eco Exteriors

What types of plasterwork does Eco Exteriors do? 

At Eco Exteriors, we work on many different types of stucco and other forms of siding.

The most common types of stucco that are installed in and around Saint George, Utah is:

  • EIFS 
  • Three Coat Stucco 
  • One Coat Stucco 

Once the style of stucco is picked, we then have a wider range of patterns and textures that can be applied. This can help your home stand out or accent different materials that surround the stucco wall. After the stucco textures are picked, we will then move into picking a color. Something this can be picked and changed at a later date, but if you are wanting colored stucco to be installed. We need to know before we start the install. This is something your estimator will talk to you more about. 

Other Areas Around Saint George Served

  • Santa Clara
  • Washington
  • Hurricane
  • Santa Clara
  • Ivins
ECO Exteriors - Saint George Stucco Experts
ECO Exteriors – Saint George Stucco Experts

Other Services Offered In Saint George

  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Metal Fascia
  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System)
  • Acrylic Stucco Finish
  • Foam Pop Outs
  • Brick
  • Plaster
  • One-Caot Stucco
  • Three-Coat Stucco

At Eco Exteriors, we keep up to date on the changing building codes and industry innovations to make sure we do the job right.


Eco Exteriors owns its own scaffolding and equipment. We have what we need to get the job done on schedule.

Skilled Tradesmen

Eco Exteriors employees have been trained in their trade. We take pride in delivering a quality architectural product, built to plan and to code.

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