Top 5 Saint George Utah Stucco Tips

1: Check your paint

If your paint is cracking, bubbling, or peeling this could lead to major problems down the road. Any break in the paint will allow more water to the stucco and that can shorten the life of the wall. 

2: Inspect walls under different weather conditions

Check your exterior walls when it’s hot, cold, dry and wet. This will help spot changes or gaps that may only be there are certain times of the year. 

3: Repair cracks and holes

You can repair minor cracks and holes in stucco with a good tube of paintable acrylic caulk. Keep in mind, you will still be able to see where the cracks or holes were.  

4: Wash your walls of dust and dirt 

Giving your walls a quick wash can improve the life of your walls by allowing them to breathe and dry better. 

5: Remove Mold that may grow in some spots

No one likes mold, but your walls really hate mold. As the mold grows into the stucco, it starts to break it apart little by little. 

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