Stucco leaks and what to do about them in Utah

If you have stucco that is leaking or taking on water, you must have it taken care of right away. This is a problem that will only spread and cause more problems down the road. This, in turn, will only cost you more the longer you put it off. 

Once stucco starts to leak, the water that is left standing behind the wall or in the cracks will weaken the integrity of the surrounding area. This will lead to a bigger and bigger problem the longer it is not dealt with. 

In a state like Utah, stucco cracking can be a major problem as we have big changes in the weather. When it is warm and rainy, your stucco can absorb and hold onto a lot of water. Well, this is not good in its self, a bigger problem will come when the temperature drops. This can freeze the water trapped in your stucco, and break it apart from the inside out. 

Some common signs of stucco leaking. 

We are going to cover some basic things you should look out for and what can cause them. If you spot any of the signs of leaking, please call us right away for an inspection. 

1: Small to large cracks in your stucco

Not all cracks in stucco are equal when it comes to water damage. Small cracks are common in stucco, but if not taken care of as soon as posable. They can lead to bigger problems very shortly. Larger cracks in stucco can be signs of your stucco having major water problems letting in moisture. 

2: Chips and chunks missing from your stucco 

When water gets below your stucco, it will often break apart the stucco its self. This will lead to chips and chunks falling off of your stucco. If this is happening, you need to have an expert from our team to investigate your stucco right away. 

3: Door and window caulking cracking or gapping

Openings like doors and windows cause weak points in your stucco, that have to be watched for problems. If the caulking around your doors and windows start to crack or causing gaps in between the stucco and door/window seal its self. You now have an opening for water to leak into and pool. This is why chipping often happens around windows and doors first. 

4: Stucco is looking damp long after it rains. 

It’s no surprise that stucco is going to get wet from time to time. This is Utah after all, and we get the full spectrum of weather here. But if your stucco is still looking wet or damp long after everything else has dried up, you may have a major problem on your hands. This means you stucco is failing and absorbing water. This will for sure need to be looked at as soon as posable. 

5: The bottom edge of your wall has bubbles and cracks in the stucco.

This is the result of stucco that has stayed damp for a long time and is not failing. If this is not taken care of, it can fall off the wall altogether. Bubbles and cracks in the bottom edge of your stucco are oftentimes caused by a poorly installed or damaged drainage system. 

6: Your inside drywall below a window is feeling damp or soft

Yes, not all signs of leaks in stucco are notable just from the outside of your house. When the leak gets too bad, it will break throw the weather stripping and protective barriers. This can cause a lot of water damage in your home, but it tends to start below your windows where water can sit and pool.

Now that you know what to look for, what can cause your stucco to leak?

There are a lot of things that can cause stucco to leak, and until its looked at by a professional. It will be really hard to pinpoint what caused the leak. However, we can give you a few reason you may heat about when talking about stucco leaking. 

Damage to stucco from being miss-treated. 

This is a hard one to pin point, but it covers some many things. When the stucco is hit with a car, ball, rock, toys, large hail, yard tools and so many other things. It will cause small damage areas that lead to bigger problems down the road. 

When stucco is made poorly 

There are addetives added to stucco to make it repel moisture, however when someone does not mix the stucco properley the addetives do not have a chance to mix in and do their job. 

Stucco that was installed improperly 

We see it all the time, and it hurts us to say but not all stucco contractors put the same pride into their work as we do and they cut corners to save time and moeny. Sadley, the saving are not passed down to the end consumer. When this is done, the stucco does not proform as it should.

Damaged or insufficient stucco drainage 

At the bottom of all your exterior wall, you should see a drainage system that is ment to get the water away from your stucco wall. If this drainage system is damaged, not installed corectley or simpley install with an insufficient ammount. Watter will pool and cause damage to your stucco.

Is leaking stucco that bad? 

YES! When your stucco starts to leak, it can rot your house from the outside in. This can rot to your interior walls, cause mold that will spread all over and most of all. If your house if leaking, you will not be able to sell if. Yes, you heard that right. With the building codes in Utah, if your house is leaking you will not be able to sell it. 

If you notice any signs of leaking to your stucco and you want to have it looked at, please give up a call today and we will send over our highly trained inspectors to you.

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