Benefits of the three coat stucco system

Why you should use a three-coat stucco system

For over 100 years, three-coat stucco systems have been adding long life and attractive cladding to buildings all over Utah and the world. Numerous advantages have helped the three-coat stucco systems stand the test of time.

We are going to go over some of the reasons that have made three-coat stucco systems the choice for residential, multi-family, and commercial projects along with being recognized in the IBC/IRC building codes.

As the name would apply, the system is put on the three layers:

  •  Layers 1: 3/8-inch deep scratch coat 
  •  Layers 2: 3/8-inch deep brown coat
  •  Layers 3: 1/8-inch (approximate) deep finish coat

Before applying the above three coats, an authorized weather-resistive barrier, and metal lath are placed over the wall where the approximately 7/8-inch three coat system is going to be applied.

Advantages of a three-coat stucco system

Inexpensive: Not only does stucco have a low installation cost, but it also has a low life-cycle cost that will last decades with low maintenance costs. 

Fire-resistant: As the finished product is about a 1-inch thick layer of concrete, this system offers a natural barrier between your home and fire. This could lead up to an hour of fire-resistant. 

Cement Based:

As this is a cement system, it offers a great resistant to rot and fungus that you will find in other sidings. On top of that, a three-coat stucco system with it’s about a 1-inch thick layer of concrete is a great barrier to keep insects, snakes, and lizards outside. 


The three-coat stucco system can withstand years of constant weather change from hot to below freezing year after year without showing any signs of damage. On top of that, it can take years of physical abuse and still look new. 

Finishes Options:

With a wide range of textures, colors and even stone finishes. You will be able to customize your project to fit your needs.  

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