should I stucco my retaining brick wall?

No matter if you are a business or homeowner, having your retaining walls stuccoed is always a great idea. On top of adding a new style and improving your home or office value.

Stucco is a cost-effective finish, that is relatively easy to be installed, it improves the appearance of your property and creates a water-resistant wall surface that will extend the life of your brick wall.

What is the cost to stucco retaining wall?

This is a very common question that we get all the time, and something we can not give an answer to until we have more information.

What determines the cost?

  • How tall is the wall?
  • How long is the wall?
  • Is there any damage that needs to be repaired first?
  • What texture do you wish to have?
  • What color are you looking to have on your wall?

Once you contact us about getting your retaining wall stuccoed, theses are some of the questions we will ask to determine the cost.

We will also need to know if we need to repair your stucco retaining wall.

stucco over brick fireplace
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