When an architect is designing the structure, no matter if its a new home, office building, retail center, or industrial building, they will always define what type of stucco is required. We will follow the specs of the project to make sure you meet all local and state codes.

When you are searching for exterior stucco contractor near you, make sure they can properly complete the job, and understand the needs of an exterior wall. This is some we have spent over 14 years perfecting, and the top quality of our work shows it.

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Types of Exterior Stucco

Three-coat Exterior Stucco

Three-coat stucco is a well-established coating system that has a scratch layer for the then base cote to hold onto, then a finish coat that is resulting in a 7/8-inch- to 1-inch-thick coating.

EIFS Exterior Stucco

EIFS exterior insulation and finish systems are primarily just one-coat systems, but the union of a stucco finish to exterior rigid insulation brings with it different water-management features than the other types.

One-coat Exterior Stucco

one-coat stucco system has one base coat that is about 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch thick with a thin finish coat. The base coat is a blend of portland cement, fibers, and proprietary additives.

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