Stairway Scaffolding Rental

Stairway Scaffolding provides safe access to the job site working environment when that working environment involves a structural staircase. Once the stairway scaffolding is erected, and the install prosses is finished, everyone one the job site will have access to hard to reach places. Stairway Scaffolding provides a reliable and safe platform to work from when you are in a tight space, such as a stairway.

Stairway Scaffolding Set-Up Time

Setting up scaffolding inside of a stairway can take as little as an hour to set up. However, the longer the scaffolding run is, the longer it can take to finish the install of the scaffolding. 

Adjustable Scaffolding For Stairs

The best scaffolding to use in a stairway is the Systems Scaffolding; this provides a more extensive range of configurations and a stable platform to conduct work. This is the main reason that many contractors pick Systems Scaffolding when it’s time to build a scaffolding system in a stairway. 

Staircase Scaffold Platform Utah 

When you are thinking about installing Stairway Scaffolding on your next project, keep in mind that OSHA has set guidelines that you should follow for the safety of your crew, bystanders, and yourself. 

  • The landing platform should be a minimum of 18 inches. 
  • From the horizontal, the stairways should be installed from 40 to 60 degrees.
  • When installing scaffold in a staircase with stair rails, the framework should be at least 18 inches from the stair rails. 

When to install a staircase scaffold platform

There are many good times you may need to set up a scaffold system for your staircase, so we are going to cover just a few of them.

  • Painting in stairwells
  • Hanging drywall 
  • Installing lights 
  • Running wiring or heating and cooling ducts 
  • Replacing a window 

As you can see, every one of the jobs listed above can become safer with a staircase scaffold is installed.  

Get a free estimate on staircase scaffold rentals in Utah

Eco Exteriorss is happy to provide the safety you need in the following areas. 

  • St. George, Utah
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Santa Clara, Utah
  • Orem, Utah
  • Cedar City, Utah
  • Provo, Utah
  • Washington, Utah
  • Hurricane, Utah
  • La Verkin, Utah

If you are working in an area other than the cities listed above and still inside Utah, we most likely can rent a staircase scaffold to you. We do business in all the towns from St. George up to and past Salt Lake City. 

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