What type of stucco system do I have?

There are three (3) main types of stucco systems that are common in Saint George Utah

  1. EIFS or Exterior Insulating Finish Systems
  2. Cement-based three-coat or conventional stucco systems
  3. Cement-based one-coat stucco systems

What is EIFS

EIFS was developed in Germany and excellent at insulating masonry walls.

EIFS is a foam connected to a surface with a thin layer, made of a fiberglass mesh cover in a polymer-enriched cement, being applied to the foam. Then an acrylic finish coat is applied for final design and decoration. EIFS has a thin, strong and flexible coating over foam that resembles stucco.

Have Questions That Needs Answered?

How do I know if its a conventional stucco system?

Conventional (three-coat) stucco has a weather barrier or sprayed/rolled-on air and moisture barriers. It is also more common for woven wire lath to be seen on 3 coat stucco systems.

How do I know if its a one-coat stucco system?

When you get up and close to a one-coat system, you will find that is it a blend of cement and fibers. The fibers in the one coat system are for when the energy code calls for continuous insulated durable cladding.